We're Legally "Vakuuming" Thousands of Leads Straight Off Our Sites & Pages, Without Them Buying Anything, Submitting An Opt-In Form or having to Take Any Action What-So-Ever!

229 New Leads Collected Just YESTERDAY... 
(9/3/2020) with 100% Free Traffic!

You Can Vakuum Visitors Directly Onto Your Lists! 

Real Subscriptions Stats from the Lead Vakuum Method:

They Are Opening Our Emails & Clicking Our Links...

Real Followup Email Stats To Lists We're Building With the Lead Vakuum Method:

All Those Leads & Clicks Are turning into Cold Hard Sales.

361 clicks sent to an affiliate promo rendered 58 sales and $750.12 so far in just a few days from a single promo.

PLUS... Another Brand New Case Study
(still happening right now!)

We started testing a traffic source from a VERY little known honeypot that has ONLY proven buyer traffic, meaning every customer has reported getting sales from this traffic, including us! 

This traffic is currently opting-in at over 50.1% right now for us.

You can order as much of this buyer traffic as you could ever want for dirt cheap AND when you use our Lead Vakuum method in conjunction, you'll be vakuuming an additional 15-50% MORE leads onto your list without them ever even having to opt-in or buy anything!

Yes, we are actually seeing over 72.49% of our traffic being converted to subscribers with this hidden source in conjunction with using our Lead Vakuum method, it's absolutely insane!

This is just ONE of our traffic sources & case studies we show you inside.

But What If You Don't Have A Website, Or Your Own Products?

No problem! We show you 3 completely separate ways to make very serious coin with this without a website, list, products or literally anything but an internet connection (and you could do it 15mins a day from the library even then)... starting literally today.

Full Uncensored Case Studies Inside!


James Renouf with Jeremy Kennedy here,

What we have for you today is going to disrupt and completely change the marketing landscape.

OVER 1,500+ leads with no opt-in?
How is this possible?

We all know that leads are the lifeblood of any business. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro. Whether you are selling your product, if you are an affiliate, into ecom, list building, offline, or any niche for that matter.

The bottom line is that when you have leads, you get sales.

Its an industry norm that to get leads, 
you are supposed to use an “opt in form”. 


An opt-in form is leaving so much money on the table. 

The reality is that the attention span of most people is at an all-time low.

For many, they can very well be interested in your product, but they just can’t take the time to put in an email address. 

That is one more step out of their day that they have to take. 
It is sad but true.

So many marketers are proud of the fact IF they can convert 30, 40, or maybe 50% of their visitors to an opt in.

However, you are losing 50 to 70% of your traffic!

Not any more! We are using a brand new process that is converting this “unknown” traffic into verified leads in your autoresponder without ever putting in their email address.

(Spoiler Alert: We show you MORE ways to use this even if you don't have a website or anything but an internet connection!)

Within the last couple of weeks we've added 1,504+ people and counting on our email lists, legally, without them having to opt-in, buy anything or take any action!

With the Lead Vakuum method, all of those leads get sucked up for you to then offer your products, affiliate products or whatever messages you want to communicate.

We have had ZERO flack with this. 

Not one person complaining that we've emailed them.

Quite the opposite, they are actually thanking us!

With our easy to use process, the new lead that didn’t opt-in is IMMEDIATELY followed up with.

When people see your IMMEDIATE email after they visited your site, they are shocked. 

They have never seen this before.  They are like WOW, look at this! 

They'll say: "This is a fantastic response that was instant! What kind of sorcery is this? How did they know I was on their site? They must be next level."

They are happy you contacted them!

It May Sound Cliche But Lead Vakuum Is A Genuine "Game-Changer."

Any marketer that uses this method can beat any other marketer in his space that doesn’t. That is the truth. If you use this, you can get more leads & results than your competitors can physically acquire given the same traffic to the same page. 

You have an upper-hand that is basically impossible for them to achieve without using the exact same method.

We break it all down and show you that with less than 10 minutes work you can set this all up.

Lead Vakuum is the process we use, we tested it, it is killing anything else out there right now for strategies, and we are exposing it to you.

As an incredible bonus, we also include an exclusive interview we held with the founders of this new technology. 

They reveal some jaw-dropping facts.

You won’t believe what other people are doing in terms of strategy and results with this.

For example, people are selling leads like crazy. There is no money out of pocket because you get paid by the client for every lead! When you scale it with paid traffic, you are arbitraging. You charge more per lead than it costs to scale. 

It is bananas. It is genius. 
When you hear it in the interview, you will be flat out shocked.

If you want to be a consultant and sell this white-label to ANY business, this is going to knock your client's socks off. 

You are going to get them guaranteed smoking hot leads that they could never have had without you. 

They will absolutely LOVE you and they'll never know how you do it!

In addition, we'll even show you how all you have to do is give people a link and you can get paid very serious 2,3, 4, even 5-figure monthly recurring commissions from each customer! This is no joke. And when you see what it does, you'll understand why they will gladly stick around for years. You will want to tell the world!

When you purchase access Lead Vakuum today for a small one-time fee, you'll get our full video case studies & walkthrough course that will show you how to setup this brand new technology.

***Lead Vakuum is a video training course (not software) teaching our methods and the tools we are using.***

You'll get access to Lead Vakuum for a small one time fee. 

The value for this is insane. We could have put this together in a bigger package and sold it for $997 like many "gooroos" we know would. 

They would not dare share such powerful information with you.

We can assure you, many a marketer will be unhappy we just let the cat out of the bag in this space, especially before they even got a chance to use it before you!

However, we want you to get your hands on this as quickly as possible and at the best price. 

You are going to LOVE this. 


One of our close marketing friends asked us: 

"Why would you expose this?"
"Lead Vakuum is too good to share." 

We are doing it because we feel that the hottest new tactic that works like this will eventually be discovered and used. 

After all, it is so effective. 

We want to be the people you hear it from first. We pride ourselves on bringing you the latest strategies, and this one tops them all.

Customer Reviews Are Coming In Already...

If you want more leads than you can handle in the newest & most effective way to date, then pick up Lead Vakuum right now.

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